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Movie "school of nursing" screening society (Jojima synthesis Cultural Center)

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Encounter and parting are spun in the spot of life to intersect; story of "us"

Youth human drama about figure which confronts life while youths who chose way of nursing for own intention against a backdrop of the modern society where doctor shortage, nursing shortage worsen conflict. This movie was born from strong thought that we wanted to introduce difficulty and splendor of work called nursing into. It is movie wanting many people to see regardless of any people regardless of age or sex simply because "life and death" that anyone is unrelated and is not entered are themes. It becomes first screening society in Kurume-shi. We hold supervision and talk event by performers after screening party. Please arrive.
School of nursing flyer


Saturday, February 10, 2018
Opening 15:00 start 15:30


Kurume-shi Jojima synthesis Cultural Center in gut hall
[address] 1-1, Jojimamachinaratsu, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
Phone number 0942-62-2110
[fax number] 0942-62-4466

Ticket guidance

[sale date]
From Monday, December 11, 2017 9:00

General seating
General 1,000 yen
500 yen lower than high school student
(200 yen increase on that day)

[the ticket handling]
Kurume-shi Jojima synthesis Cultural Center
Kurume-shi Tanushimaru composition culture facility soft breeze hall
Lawson ticketThis link opens with the other window
Seven ticketThis link opens with the other window

(careful) Convenience store from same day 10:00

About barrier-free correspondence

[with wheelchair toward the use]
We prepare wheelchair seat. There is multipurpose restroom in tax in proportion to the number of people (ostomate correspondence) with neighborhood of entrance and library of hall.

(careful) When you are full, forgive wheelchair seat about first-come-first-served basis. We may switch to public bar depending on the sale situation.

[about parent and child seat]
There is booth of parent and child seat in in gut hall. Because it is broadcasted by speaker sound, and the booth becomes soundproofing, you can use in accompanying small child.
Person having ticket can use anyone. As seat is limited, we assume the temporary use. I would like cooperation.

School of nursing preview

Sponsorship business guidance

Sponsorship business of 2017 in gut hall utilization executive committee
2017 Jojima Lifelong Learning Center sponsorship business

Parking lot guidance

Kurume-shi Jojima general Cultural Center parking lot guidance
(request) As parking lot is limited in number, you use public transport, or I would like cooperation of riding alignment.
As for the access in public transport, please see page of Kurume-shi Jojima synthesis Cultural Center.

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