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We hold "Toshiyuki Hasegawa exhibition"

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About "Toshiyuki Hasegawa exhibition"

Toshiyuki Hasegawa (1891-1940) to be sometimes called "Japanese Gogh" by for stroke of the pen that is freewheelingness and dramatic life of himself.
Toshiyuki born in Kyoto went to Tokyo to about 30 years old and wanted to be painter and acquired ochiushisho (chogyusho) by two department exhibition in 1936 and let talent as painter flower at a stretch. However, life gradually failed from born wanderlust and fell down on street and left the world at 49 years old without being nursed to anyone in orphanage.
Painter, Toshiyuki Hasegawa who pass painter in rest about picture to grow to describe painting, and to live. At first great retrospective show in 18 years and this time to be, we introduce in the total picture with approximately 140 points including work and masterpiece of new discovery.

[the date and time] Until from Saturday, September 22, 2018 to Sunday, November 4, 2018
[closed day] On Monday (but we are opened on September 24 and October 8)
[rate] Free of charge lower than general 1,000 yen, senior 700 yen, university student 500 yen, high school student
(there is group discount)
(on Culture Day on Saturday, November 3, free admission)

 As for the details including exhibition information and allied event, please see Kurume-shi art museum homepageThis link opens with the other window. In addition, This link opens with the other windoweven Kurume-shi art museum Facebook sends information.

Toshiyuki Hasegawa exhibition flyer

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