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We hold in city plaza on bicycle event "cycle challenge kurume" February 25, 2018!

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We hold event of bicycle to rediscover comfort and pleasure of bicycle, and to have you know how to ride safe bicycles. On the day Koichi Nakano of "kurume bicycle town development adviser" who is from Kurume, and is former bike racer participates! In addition, kuruppamo comes! (Flyer of event, please click here. PDF file(1,963 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window

We come over to which that cycling and sports run are enjoyed on holiday remains, and does not get on bicycle by all means, and person riding bicycle by commuting attending school and shopping, please usually enjoy bicycle!

The date and time and time schedule

It is 16:00 from 10:00 on Sunday, February 25, 2018

Image of time schedule


Hexagon temple open space of Kurume City Plaza

(attention) We perform a part of the display in the fourth-floor studio of Kurume City Plaza.


machinaka pottering

We start on pottering

We go round checkpoints that we installed in 20 places including culture facility and tourist facility in the city by bicycle and are stamp rally collecting stamps. When we collect stamps more than five places and come back to venue by 15:00, we can participate in lottery.

In the checkpoint, please see event flyer. (Flyer of event, please click here PDF file(1,963 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window

 We will run more than 90 kilometers when we go round all checkpoints.

As you do not appoint number and turn of facility to visit, you warn laying upon, accident in your pace enough, and please enjoy by careful driving.

Cyclists classroom

shino exercise out of the training wheel

It is shino bicycle classroom for children who cannot ride bicycle without training wheel out of the training wheel.

 We perform twice of the morning and the afternoon, and capacity is by 12 people each. As for the part of the morning, around two hours, part of the afternoon is around two hours from 13:00 from 10:00.

Running motorcycle challenge

We run special course on running motorcycle

We run special course in venue on running motorcycle (bicycle without pedal) and are race to compete for time.

 We perform acceptance from 11:30, and competition time is from 12:00 to 12:45.

Interesting bicycle experience

We can experience peculiar bicycle which we can take in family park for cycle in venue.

Road safety quiz rally

It is quiz Larry around the venue while replying quiz about traffic rules of bicycle.

Display, experience-based corner

Application for machinaka pottering and cyclists classroom method

Application period

It is Friday, February 9 from Monday, January 15, 2018

Application method

  1. FAX: 0942-30-9714
  2. Postcard: Zip code is 830-8520. Address is entry-free. Address is Kurume-shi government office transport policy section. On the day postmark is effective.
  3. E-mail (form
  4. Electronic application

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