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Meetings such as scheduled affiliated engines

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 As a general rule, we release meeting of thing which is similar to engine and this affiliated so that the fair nature in municipal administration administration and the measure formation and transparency are raised (Kurume-shi access to information law Article 32).
 But, in the case of next, it is said that it is public or closed partly.

  1. When laws and ordinances have special fate
  2. When non-disclosure information (information to publish in Kurume-shi access to information law seventh jokakugo) is included in deliberation contents
  3. When when it is admitted that remarkable trouble occurs for fair and smooth administration by being released, we decide not to release all or a part of the meeting by decision such as attachment engines

 In addition, we can read document distributed to meetings on the day.

Summary of scheduled meeting

The fifth Kurume-shi commendation screening committee

2017 fifth Kurume-shi information disclosure, personal information protection examination committee (extraordinary session of a local assembly)

2017 second Kurume-shi development examination committee

Kurume-shi nursing child examination committee

Kurume-shi nursing home entrance judgment committee

Sectional meeting specialized in Kurume-shi infectious disease examination meeting tuberculosis

Council for 2017 third Kurume-shi information disclosure, personal information protection (ordinary assembly)

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