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Emigration domiciliation (living of kurume)

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<--> Let's live shiningly in charm, town Kurume of full loading.

About information of emigration domiciliation

In Kurume-shi, we establish special site to send information of "Kurume living" to toward the thought by emigration, domiciliation. Check it out!

Living of kurume Special site "living of kurume" from thisThis link opens with the other window

Event, conference of Kurume-shi participation

 At first, in the beginning of emigration activity, do you not come for event and conference? Kurume-shi participation planned events are as follows. Person thinking about emigration to Kurume-shi, please come casually.

  • Kurume X Tokyo emigration talk live
    The date and time: Saturday, November 17, 2018
    Venue: The second floor of antenna shop "Kurume, Fukuoka hall" event space (2-19-4, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
    Participation fee: Free (application required)
    Details Special site look at event page in "living of kurume".
    Related link: Kurume emigration plan homepageThis link opens with the other windowSpecial site "living of kurume"This link opens with the other window
  • Day "day of Kurume-shi" of the Fukuoka municipalities
    The date and time: Sunday, November 11, 2018, Tuesday, November 27 every day from 10:00 to 18:00
    Venue: fukuokayokatoko emigration consultation center Tokyo window (the eighth floor of 2-10-1, Yuurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo traffic hall oldness and the recurrence support center)
    Related link: "Fortune is ~ or spends" Fukuoka emigration domiciliation portal siteThis link opens with the other window
  • Business trip to antenna shop conference
    The date and time:
    Every Wednesday from 14:00 to 18:00 ※We cancel business trip conference on Wednesday, October 17.
    Venue: Antenna shop "Kurume, Fukuoka hall" the second floor (Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-19-4SNT building 1.2 floor)
    Related link: Emigration-related event, conference information
  • Visit to Kurume custom tailoring tour
    The date and time: At any time
    Details Please see news page.

Do you not begin to spend Kurume, too?

House miyasusa of Kurume

Scenery of Kurume-shi

Core city that is convenient for life
Kurume-shi is central city in northern part Kyushu where 300,000 people live in.
By Kyushu Shinkansen whole line opening, we added to each city of Kyushu and were connected directly with city of Kansai, the Chugoku district, and Kurume living became more convenient.

House miyasusaga pride
People living in Kurume have attachment very much in Kurume, and, by attitude survey to citizen, three of four people reply that they want to continue still living.

It is recommended to such you! Suggestion of three life patterns in Kurume

Living in Kurume has many charms and becomes more convenient by the opening of business of the Shinkansen. We suggest recommended life pattern depending on various lifestyles that charm and quality of Kurume of such Kurume can realize "three".
Do Kurume living, you whom we are proud of not begin?

At the time of disease, do not need to get impatient; town of health, the welfare, medical relief

 Kurume-shi with many medical institutions including 34 hospitals and medical office more than 300 was called "town of doctor" by the city for a long time. We introduce the medical systems of such Kurume.

After all it is Kurume to live! Support color color for emigration

We introduce various information to be useful for when we move to Kurume from natural environments and the history, summary of city including industry to local topic about festival, event and meal.

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