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Let's live in Kurume (emigration, domiciliation)

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<--> Let's live shiningly in charm, town Kurume of full loading.

Event, conference of Kurume-shi participation

 At first, in the beginning of emigration activity, do you not come for event and conference? Kurume-shi participation planned events are as follows. Person thinking about emigration to Kurume-shi come casually.

Image of consultation counter

Do you not begin to spend Kurume, too?

House miyasusa of Kurume

 Scenery of Kurume-shi that we looked at from city hall







Core city that is convenient for life
Kurume-shi is central city in northern part Kyushu where 300,000 people live in.
By Kyushu Shinkansen whole line opening, we added to each city of Kyushu and were connected directly with city of Kansai, the Chugoku district, and Kurume living became convenient more.

House miyasusaga pride
People living in Kurume have attachment toward Kurume very much, and even attitude survey to citizen answers that three of four people want to continue still living.

It is recommended for such you! Suggestion of three life patterns in Kurume

Living in Kurume has many charms and becomes more convenient by the opening of business of the Shinkansen. We suggest recommended life pattern depending on various lifestyles that charm and quality of Kurume of such Kurume can realize "three".

Do Kurume living, you whom we are proud of not begin?

At the time of disease, do not need to get impatient; town of health, welfare, medical relief

 Kurume-shi with many medical institutions including 34 hospitals and medical office more than 300 was called "town of doctor" by the city for a long time. We introduce the medical systems of such Kurume.

After all it is Kurume to live! Support color color for emigration

We introduce various information to help when we move to Kurume from natural environments and the history, summary of city including industry to local topic about festival, event and meal.

Charm of Kurume

In oldness and Kurume, charm is full!

Reina Tanaka photograph of the face

Kurume oldness and special ambassador

It is Rena Tanaka of "Kurume oldness and special ambassador".
My hometown Kurume is at all attractive town including food culture that art that folkcraft and heart with the long history are healed, many people love. I including Chikugo River and Ishibashi Museum of Art have a lot of places of memory. People of Kurume love hometown very much above all. And he/she welcomes for heart of hospitality.
Kurume that became convenient by Kyushu Shinkansen whole line opening. Do you not live in Kurume full of charm?

Signature of Reina Tanaka

Rena Tanaka: Actress. We are from Kurume-shi, Fukuoka. We go to Tokyo in 1998. We are playing an active part in many movies, stage, TV dramas, CM.

Kurume living promotion video

  • Let's live shiningly in Kurume!

Kurume-shi is extreme popularity for child care generation now! It is promotion video of Reina Tanaka appearance. 

  • Kurume living short movie
    Kurume living short movie is exhibited
    We release short movie snuggling up to expectation and uneasiness of immigrant on theme of three such as "dream with second life" "child care and reliable" "work life and life".
    Look at the main story in page of Kurume living short movie.

"Town development to push forward together" is big charm of Kurume

Photograph of children who carry omikoshi of festival on their shoulder by precinct activity

In Kurume-shi, inhabitants becomes the leading role every elementary school of old China precinct, and town development activity is pushed forward.
We are active friendly for days including event (summer festival, nagashi somen, school festival, athletic meet, etc. with rice cake) of season and on-site training of child, child care support, elderly person support.
With opportunity of Kurume living, do you not peep at state of local town development?

State of town development full of smiles is this♪This link opens with the other window

Emigration domiciliation interchange site chikugo living to Fukuoka, Chikugo area Look at domiciliation promotion site "chikugo living" to gather domiciliation consultation counter of 12 municipalities of Chikugo area, unoccupied house bank, information about domiciliation, emigration promotion including various domiciliation measures unitarily, and to send seasonal information to by all means.

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