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Town development of bicycle

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Please choose bicycle information to want to see

  1. Let's ride bicycle!
  2. Let's go for event!
  3. Let's get on safely!
  4. Let's stop in bicycle parking lot!
  5. It is bicycle policy of Kurume-shi!

1.Let's ride bicycle!

Before the first to see from bicycle of the world "rides bicycle"

Everybody hello! It is Koichi Nakano of kurume bicycle town development adviser. We want to introduce the world of pleasant bicycle to everybody of Kurume-shi from now on to be able to ride bicycle happily safely.

The first talks about what we want to know before riding bicycle.

As for the bicycle, burden to body is light, but as momentum is high, it is good in health and is vehicle which is ecological as we do not exhaust carbon dioxide again.

We think that there is much commuting and attending school, shopping and child using bicycle in everyday life like pickup and drop-off, but, besides, we get on on sightseeing and business trip and do cycling on holiday and think that getting on bicycle as sports like me among them comes. It is charm of bicycle that there are various ways of enjoying in this way!

Particularly, "coming crew" is introduced for machinakadeha community cycle, and person who does not have bicycle becomes able to ride bicycle casually. I got on, too, but it was easy to get on very much and enjoyed by Kurume nomachinakao bicycle after a long absence!

However, many people may ride bicycle casually and see getting on without following traffic rules.

There are a lot of traffic rules of bicycle, but it is very important, but may not be readily protected. It is "to run on the left side of road". Please protect by all means to prevent accident with walker.

In addition, you understand properly, and please protect well as there is thing called jitenshayasuzenriyogosoku which gathered main traffic rules of bicycle.

And we cannot miss check of bicycle to ride bicycle safely. Let's confirm regularly whether brakes work or put on reflector and light, or air enters tire.

On the next time, we introduce recommended spot that can enjoy bicycle in Kurume!

Koichi Nakano uses coming crewWe start on potteringWe follow traffic rules and run the left side of road

We installed inflator!

Inflator Does air enter tire of bicycle moderately? When air enters moderately, easiness of run improves. As we installed inflator so that it is aired when we go out, please give me the everybody use by all means!
We correspond to English method, Buddhist ceremony, the U.S. expression, all.
As it is inflator of all, please use carefully.
Places installing inflator in are as follows now.

We do not enjoy bicycle (Enjoy Bike Life! Smart Bike Life!) or

Flyer which publicizes charm of bicycle Does everybody ride bicycle?
Commuting and attending school, shopping, health promotion, hobby, purpose including contact with family are each person.
And way of enjoying is each person, too.
It calls that we are common bicycle.
Well, let's enjoy Kurume by bicycle!
And let's obtain new lifestyle!
Enjoy Bike Life! flyer PDF file(356 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window
Smart Bike Life! flyer PDF file(399 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window

Let's ride "coming crew" for Kurume-shi community cycle!

 In Kurume-shi, we started operation for community cycle for the purpose of utilizing as new meanses of transportation such as promoting switches from car to eco-friendly bicycle or citizen or tourist who did not hold bicycle on June 27, 2015.
 In addition, unlike rent-a-bicycle borrowing and loaning bicycle at one place, we locate plural bicycle rental, return bases (cycle port), and, with community cycle, even port is system which there was rental, return of bicycle for which cycle.
(Kurume-shi community cycle "coming crew" homepage)This link opens with the other window

About "coming crew," please tell opinion of everybody

Usually more of "coming crew" thank you for your patronage. We carry out questionary survey to do with basic document for use environment improvement of future "coming crew".
Therefore, we hope that we have you reply questionnaire page after access than the following.

One where is replied with PCThis link opens with the other windowOne where is replied with cell-phoneThis link opens with the other windowOne where is replied with smartphoneThis link opens with the other window

2.Let's go for event!

We introduce information of event about bicycle carried out in Kurume-shi.
Please participate in interesting event.

We held challenge kurume for the third cycle!

We held challenge kurume in hexagon temple open space and studio of Kurume City Plaza for the third cycle on Friday, February 25, 2018.
Koichi Nakano (Kurume-shi native place) of "kurume bicycle town development adviser" came in former bike racers who won world bicycle championship consecutively 10.

On the day "machinaka pottering" around tourist facilities was called off by bicycle because it was unfortunate rain. "How to get on bicycles classroom which performed shio out of the training wheel for child who could not ride bicycle," pedal performed "running motorcycle challenge" to compete for run time on running motorcycle which was bicycle for child whom there was not.

Besides, as for generation, coloring, the road safety quiz rally that we rowed display, test ride, bicycle of bicycle in measurement, the next generation of the speed of peculiar bicycle experience and bicycle to be able to ride only in family park for Kurume cycle, visits had each enjoy.

The third Kurume camellia cup time trial in Kusano was held!

Time trial which completion aimed at an average of 11.9% of grades, up to 22% of hard slopes in the Kusano-cho whole area on Sunday, March 18, 2018, and ran, and went up was performed!
Page of the third Kurume camellia cup time trial in Kusano This link opens with the other window

3.Let's get on safely!

Do you know run bicycle traffic space?

Flyer which publicizes run of bicycle traffic space In Kurume-shi, we push forward approach to maintain road which walker and bicycle can pass safely.
Therefore we made flyer which showed run of bicycle.
Lower item sees this flyer in conjunction with jitenshayasuzenriyogosoku introducing, and please keep safe passage in mind.
Flyer PDF file(4,040 kilobytes) of run bicycle traffic spaceThis link opens with the other window

About bicycle driver class system

With the traffic law of revision road enforcement of 2013, bicycle driver class system was introduced from June 1, 2015.
We will take bicycle driver class when we repeat violation of rule dangerous while driving of bicycle.
We follow rule and drive bicycle, and let's realize traffic environment which anyone can pass by security comfortably.
Related document PDF file(1,883 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window
National Police Agency homepageThis link opens with the other window

jitenshayasuzenriyogosoku (page of the Fukuoka Prefectural PoliceThis link opens with the other window)

Main security rule
We are prohibited from drink-driving
Drink-driving is prohibited
We are prohibited from for two people
Except cases to give child younger than six years a ride to seat for infant one, we are prohibited from 2-crew
Translation prohibition
Translation is put under ban any place other than the place with translation possible mark
Lighting by night light at time
We soak headlight and rear light (or reflector) by night
We protect signal
We protect signal. When there is signal for exclusive use of walker bicycle, we follow the traffic light.
Stop at intersection, safe confirmation
We protect mark of stop and go slowly at bad intersection of prospect.

Let's check bicycle before getting on!

Does air enter tire?

When air enters tire enough, we can run by light car by bicycle comfortably. Also, it causes flat when air does not enter.

In addition, appropriate air pressure varies according to the bodies. As appropriate air pressure is displayed by the side of tire, please confirm.

Do brakes work?

Do brakes work for all front and back of them well? It may stop safely.

Does light turn on?

Does light turn on brightly? Does it show 10 meters ahead?

Is there reflector?

Do you attach at appropriate angle? Let's appeal to people for own existence.

Is there bell?

Do you sound well? But we are thoughtless, and let's stop that we sound though it is not necessary to sound.

Let's check oneself before getting on!

Is there key?

Let's lock so that important bicycle is not stolen when we stop bicycle. Security effect increases more when we make two lock.

Do you have helmet?

We may fall down in accidents. Let's put on helmet to protect the head. (it is duty of protector to try to let children younger than 13 years wear helmet.)

Do you take out bicycle insurance?

It is not revealed when everybody becomes assailant of accident even if we keep in mind for careful driving. Let's take out bicycle insurance just in case.

After having got on, let's check!

Does the body not wobble?

Are there crack and wobble to steering wheel and saddle, chain? Do I not hear abnormal noise during run?

If there is wobble, we will tighten screw again. In addition, when pour oil to chain, abnormal noises decrease, and is smooth; as run, and it is in feeling, row; become efficient, and can run comfortably.

Are parts to consume still all right?

There are tire, rubber, grip, saddle, wire of brakes, parts to consume including chain to bicycle. We have you see in bicycle shops, and let's change things with sense of incongruity before being broken.

Do you clean?

We remove dirts regularly, and let's clean favorite car. Feeling is refreshing when we ride clean bicycle, and comfortable bicycle life waits.

4. Let's stop in bicycle parking lot!

Where is the municipal management bicycle parking lot?

We install bicycle parking lot around Nishitetsu and JR each station.

We maintain paid bicycle parking lot around around Nishitetsu-Kurume Station and JR Kurume Station with many users in particular.
In around Nishitetsu-Kurume Station, around JR Kurume Station is "JR Kurume Station east exit bicycle parking lot" and "JR Kurume Station west exit bicycle parking lot" "Azumacho basement bicycle parking lot" and "Nishitetsu-Kurume Station underpass bicycle parking lot". As for the usage such as charge, please see page of bicycle parking lot managed by Kurume-shi.
"Azumacho basement bicycle parking lot" and "Nishitetsu-Kurume Station underpass bicycle parking lot" around Nishitetsu-Kurume Station are available free for three hours, and they become what very attractive for a while! Please use!

Will it be in illegally parked prohibition area?

Around Nishitetsu-Kurume Station and around JR Kurume Station are bicycle leaving prohibition areas. Illegally parked bicycle performs predetermined procedure based on the regulations and removes and keeps for a certain period of time in depository. (bicycle leaving prohibition area figure)This link opens with the other window
We return bicycle which we removed in bicycle depository.

For more information about bicycle leaving prohibition area and removal, return of illegally parked bicycle, please confirm in page of bicycle parking lot managed by Kurume-shi.

Enlightenment poster which zeroes illegally parked bicycle

Is there bicycle parking lot in place where we want to go?

When you visited shop and facility, have you not been in trouble where you stopped bicycle?

When we found building in area called parking lot maintenance district in business district and associate business district and enlarge a building based on the regulations in Kurume-shi, we are to maintain bicycle parking lot depending on use and scale of the facility. As for the contents such as target facility or scale of bicycle parking lot, please see summary PDF file(87 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window of attachment installation duty.

The bicycle parking lot inside that was established in commercial facilities

5. It is bicycle policy of Kurume-shi!

Coming bicycle plan 2015 (Kurume-shi bicycle utilization promotion plan)

 We devised Kurume-shi bicycle utilization promotion plan to establish use environment maintenance and utilization promotion business of bicycle to aim at town which could move to security, niceness efficiently again while a variety of citizens and people from next town enjoyed town of Kurume by bicycle, and to promote "town development to look good with bicycle".
 We would like in future as we want to plan utilization promotion of bicycle with all of you on the basis of this plan.

Bicycle guidepost (Kurume-shi bicycle traffic environment maintenance guidelines) which comes

As main technique guidelines such as ways of thinking of necessary maintenance, we devised Kurume-shi bicycle traffic environment maintenance guidelines (coming bicycle guidepost) in March, 2017 on pushing forward maintenance of bicycle traffic environment that we advocated as one pillar by Kurume-shi bicycle utilization promotion plan.

Based on these guidelines, we will push forward maintenance of bicycle traffic space from now on in Kurume-shi.

Questionary survey about use of bicycle

We aim at town where bicycle matches in Kurume-shi and devise bicycle utilization promotion plan. We carried out questionary survey on February 19 from January 28, 2015 to grasp what was need to get on the bicycle pleasantly happily so that this plan became imminent plan of everybody and had answer from 307. Thank you for your cooperation.
About result, please see lower findings summary.

It is kurume bicycle town development adviser!

Nakano who shakes handshake with ex-Mayor at the time of adviser appointment We had Koichi Nakano who was former bike racer from Kurume-shi take office as "kurume bicycle town development adviser" on June 24, 2016. Nakano gives an advice for "town looking good with bicycle" which environment creation and city including enlightenment activity which it is easy to travel comfortably by bicycle push forward. In addition, we are to have enlightenment to citizen's everybody or PR of Kurume-shi cooperate.
As for Nakano, ambition was spoken on taking office saying "we want to make use of own experience that affected bicycle for a long time for city".

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