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About production of Kurume-shi promotion video by young person staff project

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The second video by young person staff project was completed

In young person staff project of city, "tourist attraction" released three videos that "safe community" featured the theme of "Kurume barbecued chicken" in this May, but releases in special site as we catch opportunity of "the pork bones ramen origin 80th anniversary" for the second and produced video which featured the theme of ramen.

"It is Kurume, seriousness. Project special siteThis link opens with the other window

About Kurume-shi young person staff project

The young staff sends charm of Kurume to the whole country, foreign countries 

 Kurume-shi is comfortable town to splendid area resources such as rich nature and culture, high medical care, welfare, proud meal, gourmet. "We have more people know and, by these comfortable area resources and charm, want you to visit Kurume once!" Promotion project of seven young staff in the 20s and 30s started in such thought.

"It is Kurume, seriousness. About activity of project (under an alias: seriously professional)

  1. Purpose 
     We are highly concerned with fun and pleasure and fix people watching video sharing sites such as YouTube for target to send charm of Kurume with impact for the whole country and foreign countries and perform information dispatch by streaming. In addition, in making of video, we wrestle by sense of viewership of video sharing site and project team of the young staff with idea flexible soon.
  2. Member
     We are active in seven young staff in the 20s and 30s.
  3. Team name
     "It is Kurume, seriousness. Project (under an alias: seriously professional)
  4. Activities
     Member oneself performs most work such as theme setting, plan planning, script making, appearance request and appearance, adjustment of the location spot while receiving advice of picture creator.

 The details of finished promotion video and project "are Kurume, seriousness. Please see This link opens with the other windowin project special site.

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