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Plow Kurume-shi area; cooperation "shiningly ☆ planner"

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Plow Kurume-shi area; is planner shiningly cooperation corps

Plow area; with cooperation corps

"They plow area, and cooperation corps" is activity to plan acceptance, maintenance, reinforcement of area as new leading figure of community in personnel including city inhabitants out of the area. We were institutionalized in 2009 by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Member makes use of past experience and engages in "regional cooperation activities" such as support of local branding and emigration, interchange of city inhabitants.

We woke up Kurume-shi area, and cooperation member adopted "☆ planner shiningly" to send support and area information to modify excavation of local resources and promotion, support of emigration interchange business, area event in outside viewpoint effectively in Kurume-shi.
Two members energize now.

Tourism planner Nakamura

Photograph of cooking tourism planner, Nakamura●Conventional activity summary, message

 We go round shop and companies to be worried about and help with getting out idea and information dispatch now. As we launched event of meal and takumitaidan WEB page of Kurume, we think that we can continue. As we like getting out idea, please give me message casually.

●Information dispatch

Facebook: "Kurume if we live really hakonnatokodeshita." This link opens with the other window(we link to outside site)
Homepage: "KURUME MASTERS TALK" This link opens with the other window(link to outside site)



[full name]
Toru Nakamura (there is with Nakamura)
[the appointment date]
August 1, 2015
[title, main activity]
Tourism planner
(the formation of person, thing, work about sightseeing of relationships and product development utilized it, charge including dispatch of sightseeing information of Kurume)
Sightseeing in commercial and industrial sightseeing Labor Relations Division, International Section
We are from Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki. Before appointment, we served manager in entertainment office of Tokyo for 13 years. Make use of the experience; named watches of the night of Kurume polish, and excavate advance and secret charm, and want to publicize. Hobby is gourmet. We like Indian curry, barbecued chicken, potato shochu and are studying sake now.

Member of Jojima, attractive dispatch planner sect

ImageConventional activity summary, message

 We assume promotion of emigration, domiciliation mission and perform attractive improvement of Jojima and information dispatch.
 Jojima is said to be sake, but wants to tell that it is splendid land to everybody from now on as place to live in.

●Information dispatch

Facebook: To "Jojima" This link opens with the other window(link to outside site)
Instagram (Instagram): jojimainformal This link opens with the other window(we link to outside site)
"sakeviva" This link opens with the other window(link to outside site)
Enlightened generation plowed area, and "they became cooperation corps" This link opens with the other window(they link to outside site)

[full name]
Soji (we lose so)
[the appointment date]
December 1, 2015
[title, main activity]
Jojima charm dispatch planner
(charge including information dispatch for domiciliation promotion around Jojima area and attractive improvement)
Jojima general branch office Community Promotion Section
It was born in Kurume-shi for 1,990 years. University entrance into a school of higher grade in ki to Kansai. We self-publish self-philosophy book at 20 years old and publish free paper at the same time. Activity, share house spend temporary absence from school as freelance writer in ki and spend three years by + citizen stay administration in Tokyo.
We make use of writer experience of former work from December, 2015 and are active as Jojima charm dispatch planner.

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