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Hometown tax (hometown, kurume support contribution) site

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By your support, we shine more. We send "Kirari" of Kurume!

Mayor message

Kurume-shi is comfortable town to splendid area resources such as rich nature and culture, high medical care, welfare, proud meal, gourmet. We fully keep these area resources alive and aim at realization of "the Japan's most livable town".
"Hometown, kurume support contribution" has contribution to be heartwarming from until now of the whole country in system making use of your thought, which "we want to support hometown" "wants to contribute to oldness" in town development.
We have you understand purpose of this system by all means and would appreciate your supporting town development of Kurume-shi.

Kurume-shi tall and stout Masaru Kubo

Town development  Nature

Kurume which was born and raised
Town kurume of memory
Oldness and kurume of heart

Festival, event  Culture

With hometown tax

"Hometown tax" is system subtracted from individual residence tax and income tax of the location where part more than 2,000 yen lives now when we contribute to "hometown where we were born and raised" and "the local government which we want to support".

For application for hometown tax, please use "Kurume-shi hometown tax special site".

Special site image In Kurume-shi, we establish "Kurume-shi hometown tax special site" for Internet application for hometown tax reception desk.
In special site, we cope with the credit card settlement and have "articles of thanks" of site limitation.
Application for hometown tax, please use "Kurume-shi hometown tax special site".

Kurume-shi hometown tax special site from thisThis link opens with the other window

In addition, you can apply from the following site.

The presentation of article (special product) of thanks

We present "article of thanks" with all will of thanks from Kurume-shi to one that had you contribute according to contribution amount of money.
(important) About reviews such as return favor products of hometown, kurume support contribution This link opens with the other window(Kurume-shi hometown tax special site)

When we contribute example) 30,000 yen, we are given 15 points. You can choose with one point of 15 points of souvenirs or three points of five points of souvenirs.

Point grant example
The amount of contribution Grant point The amount of contribution Grant point The amount of contribution Grant point
More than 2,000 yen
1 point
More than 12,000 yen
6 points
More than 22,000 yen
11 points
More than 4,000 yen
2 points
More than 14,000 yen
More than 24,000 yen
More than 6,000 yen
3 points
More than 16,000 yen
8 points
More than 26,000 yen
13 points
More than 8,000 yen
4 points
More than 18,000 yen
More than 28,000 yen
14 points
More than 10,000 yen
5 points
More than 20,000 yen
10 points
More than 30,000 yen
15 points

(attention 1) Grant method of point assumes the addition each time. We do not perform grant in net total of the amount of contribution.

Use (support menu) of donation

We utilize donation that all of you gave to for precious resources of business "creating the future" of hometown, kurume.
In the case of application, please choose use among six support menus. We report business outline that utilized the situation and donation of donation that had you approach on homepage of Kurume-shi.

  1. Flap in the future! Kurume native (child lively support business)
  2. We enjoy the history, culture, art (promotion business of the history succession, art)
  3. We spend time in health forever (health, welfare work)
  4. We increase flower and green with oldness (flower and green town development business)
  5. We convey charm of kurume (festival, sightseeing promotion business)
  6. Mayor course that entrusts you

Detailed page of hometown tax

About introduction of article (special product) of thanks, guidance of application method, receipt of money method, use (support menu) of donation, please see the following.

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