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Room of the mayor

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Welcome to "room of the mayor"

Photograph of Mayor Okubo

Hello, everybody. It is Tsutomu Okubo of the Mayor of Kurume.
In this "room of the mayor," we publish approach and profile to my municipal administration administration, activity record.
To citizen's all of you, we will keep careful information dispatch in mind clearly.
Toward town development of "the best house miyasusa in Japan", I would like understanding of citizen's all of you, cooperation.

To Kurume of "the best house miyasusa in Japan"

On pushing forward town development

 It is Tsutomu Okubo who took office as the 20th Kurume mayor on January 31, 2018. We will work on foundation toward further development of Kurume-shi by experience that we cultivated in private enterprise and the government with every effort. Thank you for your cooperation.
 There are rich nature, superior resources including high medical care and culture art, and, also, we have potential in growth areas such as agriculture, environment, sightseeing, and Kurume-shi is appreciated in investigation of major think tank as town with potence. It is necessary to keep constant population scale to continue being sustainable city where Kurume-shi became independent for such inside, future, and promotion of approach for maintenance, expansion of emigration residential population is urgent and important problem.
 We find new area resources and we increase added value and push forward branding, and it is wide, and it will be necessary to do information dispatch in future for home and abroad. In addition, we adopt private enterprise-like idea and push forward efficiency of duties by construction of flexibility and the organization system which can cope quickly and utilization of ICT for various administrative problems and will push forward approach that growth develops Kurume-shi in cooperation with citizen and affiliate.

Three viewpoints of town development in the future

 We will make town where I think that citizen wants to continue living in this ground with pride and attachment in future by citizen pushing forward town development of the leading role, and making life space that civic dream and hope come true. At the same time, we establish city brand which is appreciated from person of the suburbs and may connect to emigration to Kurume-shi and domiciliation. As the collected studies of such an approach, we aim at Kurume of "the best house miyasusa in Japan".
 Therefore we will work on three next town development mainly on basic viewpoint from now on.

 We concentrate local various power to push forward such a town development and scrummage well in "all Kurume" and will wrestle in municipal administration.

Introduction of the mayor, deputy mayor

Approach of municipal administration administration

Activity record of the mayor

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