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Mayor noheya

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Welcome to "I hate to one of the mayor".

Mayor Narahara

Hello, everybody. It is Toshinori Narahara of the Mayor of Kurume.
We publish approach of my profile and municipal administration administration, activity record in this "I hate to one of the mayor".
To citizen's everybody, we keep careful information dispatch in mind clearly.
Understanding of everybody citizen's toward realization of "Japan's most livable town, Kurume", cooperation thank you for your cooperation.

We feel relieved in each one carefully and are made with Kurume filled with vitality
—Towards "Japan's most livable town, Kurume"—

On pushing forward town development

 Citizen's everybody has pride toward one's town, and I want to live until now; thought about being able to want to continue living that was ultimate aim, and, "person," "relief" wrestled for "relief, the making of Kurume filled with vitality in each one as keyword by "vitality" carefully".
 In national census of 2015, population rises approximately 2,000 from last survey, and Kurume-shi continues increasing by increase of social change with Basic Resident Register population after 2013. It is necessary to connect conventional approach that we did commencing with wound student broad strategic view and large-scale project shiningly because we let such a tendency continue for a long time, and Kurume-shi continues developing for the future with development of city.
 And "Kurume-shi is in the year of lapel of wound straight broad strategic view shiningly", and, also, in 2017, "Kurume-shi new comprehensive plan third basic plan" that devised population problem as general problem of town development is year when it is in the year for the last time and is extremely important of "Middle municipal administration administration policy".
 "Relief" concentrates local power by cooperation, collaboration with the cause, citizen, area, group of three basic viewpoints of "vitality", and, as mop-up of "middle municipal administration administration policy" toward "Japan's most livable town, Kurume", "person" pushes forward measure to raise for various plans steadily some other time and wrestles in forehandedness with long-term viewpoint well.

Three viewpoints of town development in the future

 Even town development in the future polishes comfortable natural environments, substantial city function, splendid area resources on the basis of such thought and approach more and aims at realization of "Japan's most livable town, Kurume".
 Therefore we work on three next town development mainly on basic viewpoint on pushing forward town development in the future.

 We concentrate local various power to push forward these approaches and push forward "town development by collaboration" in dispatch of municipal administration information to citizens while adding pressure, and sharing information of town development.

April, 2017 Kurume mayor Toshinori Narahara

Introduction of the mayor, deputy mayor

Approach of municipal administration administration

Activity record of the mayor

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