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Kurume Tsubakien

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In the Minou northern foot, flower and green camellia garden are born!

Kurume Tsubakien is flower and space of green rest to be able to enjoy throughout the year where camellias of about 500 kinds, 2,000, azalea of about 200 kinds, 500 were planted on site of about 3 hectares. It was opened in March, 2008 and was authorized in "international excellent camellia garden" in March, 2010.  We put together every year at flowering time of camellia, and, with "international camellia meeting Kurume Games" held in March, 2010, "Kurume camellia fair" is held as venue in Kurume Tsubakien.

Kita-iru Exit (entrance)  Lawn park

From Minami-iru Exit (parking lot) to azalea zone  Justice (Kurume camellia)

Point of four Kurume Tsubakien

  1. Garden that utilized seedling garden of camellia, and prepared land
     Originally the Kurume Tsubakien whole area made use of camellia kind and nature plant raised from a seed stock which local until now brought up in farm cleared and cultivated as field which raised seedling of flower tree in the Meiji era and prepared land in camellia garden. The garden can come across tree reminding me of Magnolia grandiflora and Himalayan cedar, former times including keiosakura including camellia and azalea.
  2. Garden that we go round in precious tree, kind
     We mainly transplant garden plant, sapling which we raised in hometown, and, in maintenance, even the whole country plants one of the best camellias of multi-kind about 500 kind, 2,000 (including plant raised from a seed) by cooperation of volunteer of Kusano precinct.
     There are many precious gardening kind and progenitor camellias such as justice (Masayoshi) and, including white ball precious stone (shiratamahoshu) and Taro young retainer (taroukaja), camellia for 100 years including Sayo Wabisuke Camellia (sayowabisuke) years old, prepares and can fully taste charm of camellia.
  3. Garden to be able to enjoy the four seasons
     The garden performs zoning, planting to be able to enjoy every camellia zone, azalea zone, rhododendron zone, maple zone, plum garden and season.
     We can admire azalea of 200 kinds, 500 in azalea zone.
  4. Garden that we can take a walk through while enjoying shape of a tree
     We keep planting that this garden keeps nature alive and charms in mind and can enjoy walk in garden while having you pay attention to not only flower of camellia and azalea but also shape of a tree.

Guidance PDF file(1,112 kilobytes) in Kurume TsubakienThis link opens with the other window

Guidance in Kurume Tsubakien

At flowering time of camellias, flowering time varies according to types in the mid-October and mid-April.
The mid-March and early April in particular is at their best.

The best time to see of flower of usual except camellia is as follows.
(please note that the best time to see may vary according to climatic condition)

The latest flower information!

You can see the latest flowering situation of camellia garden in the camellia building homepage "flowering information" of the Kurume-shi world.

Access to Kurume Tsubakien

Position figure of Kurume Tsubakien by Google map

Transportation guide

Parking lot guidance

35 Kurume Tsubakien parking lots (shoot two microbuses)
As they can park only to microbus, trailer buses, please use camellia building (three large size) of the Kurume-shi world of neighborhood, Hosshin Park parking lot.

When camellia building of the Kurume-shi world is used, prior contact (telephone 0942-47-1821) is necessary.

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