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Food education communication (news such as food education-related events)

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Around 19th (day of food education), we send food education-related event information and information of shop selling Hisadome rice production farm products, information of local production for local consumption promotion shop every month.

Food education-related events from May, 2018 to June, 2018 are as follows.

  1. Meeting "Araki Nico Nico morning market" of JA kurume woman part morning market holds business trip morning market (May 19 [Saturday])
  2. Child care health for free consultation (May 23 [Wednesday]) of obstetrical teacher, dietician
  3. Baby food classroom (step class) (May 24 [Thursday]) (June 9 [Saturday])
  4. Baby food classroom (class having never met) (May 25 [Friday]) (June 14 [Thursday])
  5. It is delicious in "invitation to table" (table) ... "flower" ... ice tea which we finish asking (May 26 [Saturday])
  6. Invention (June 16 [Saturday]) of cooking for "eating habits to postpone healthy life expectancy" ... one having difficult that we chew
  7. Child care seminar (June 19 [Tuesday])
  8. For "eating habits to postpone healthy life expectancy" - swallowing invention (June 23 [Saturday]) of cooking for stake
  9. Sweet corn producer of JA kurume eastern part Branch holds "sweet corn harvest festival" (June 3 [Sunday])
  10. Garbage recycling conference (June 6 [Wednesday])
  11. Baby food consultation (the first half year, the latter period) (June 8 [Friday])

As for the details such as contents or application method, please see the following food education communication May issue text.

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