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Food education communication (news such as food education-related events)

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Around 19th (day of food education), we send food education-related event information and information of shop selling Hisadome rice production farm products, information of local production for local consumption promotion shop every month.

Food education-related events from January, 2018 to February, 2018 are as follows.

  1. JA kurume northern part festival 2018 (January 21 [Sunday])
  2. Sunday recycling (January 21 [Sunday] February 18 [Sunday])
  3. Baby food classroom (class having never met) (January 26 [Friday] February 2 [Friday] February 16 [Friday])
  4. The 41st JA kurume green fair (January 27 [Saturday] - January 28 [Sunday])
  5. We sell "Ehomaki" at direct sale place 2 store (February 3 [Saturday])
  6. Garbage recycling class (February 7 [Wednesday])
  7. Baby food conference (February 9 [Friday])

As for the details such as contents or application method, please see the following food education communication January issue text.

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