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Cinematograph society

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We show around contents of detailed screening society at any time in page of news.

About screening society of library

In central library, we hold screening party (library cinema, cinema with temporary childcare, child movie society) through one year.
In no charge for admission, anyone can participate all. Come to the third-floor seeing and hearing hall of central library directly on the day.

Guidance of library cinema with temporary childcare

We plan cinema with childcare at one time to have few protectors of opportunity to see movie usually appreciate by child care slowly. Person wanting childcare needs application beforehand at one time.
If schedule is fixed, we will tell in news page. Specifically, please see that.

Guidance of library cinema

In central library, we perform screening party with a choice of good old work and masterpiece every month.
(attention) may change screening contents. Screening start time is 14:00. We can enter meeting place from one hour ago of screening start. Prior application is unnecessary. Come to direct meeting place on the day.
There is blind spot depending on position of seat, but, in the case of the screening by subtitles, thank you for your understanding beforehand.
In addition, we decide to add subtitles to work of production in Japan from consideration to person with impaired hearing. But, due to the production year of work, there may not be subtitles, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.
If there are any questions, please refer to seeing and hearing library (phone number 0942-38-7649) in central library.

Guidance of 2017 [the latter period] library cinema
Time Title Running time The production year Appearance Production country
Monochromatic / color
Subtitles / dubbing
September 17 Autumn this morning 90 minutes 1988 Chishu Riyuu, Mitsuko Baisho
Kirin Kiki
Japan, color
October 1 Ginza Kankan daughter 69 minutes 1949 Hideko Takamine
Katsuhiko Haida
Japan, monochrome
October 15 Jeux Interdits 86 minutes 1952 burijiddo fosse
Georges Poujouly
France monochrome, Japanese subtitles
November 5 Meet in dark place 130 minutes 2006 Rena Tanaka
Chan baud phosphorus
With Japan, color, Japanese subtitles, temporary childcare
November 19 Carrot 90 minutes 2003 Antoine Nguyen
Fannie kotanson
France color, Japanese subtitles, Japanese dubbing
December 3  Half-brother 110 minutes 1957 Rentaro Mikuni
Kinuyo Tanaka
Japan, monochrome
December 17  Splendid kana, life 130 minutes 1946 James Stewart
Donna Reed
United States monochrome, Japanese subtitles
January 14  Mountains and rivers a long way off 105 minutes 1947 The Ivan Jan dollar
Montgomery Clift
United States monochrome, Japanese subtitles
February 4  Dictator 126 minutes 1940 charusu Chaplin United States monochrome, Japanese subtitles, silent
February 18  Sherlock Vol.3 89 minutes 2010 Benedict perception bar batch
Martin Freeman
U.K. color, Japanese subtitles, Japanese dubbing
March 4  Sunlight cherry tree 114 minutes 2015 Takashi Sasano
Koji Matoba
Japan, color   
March 18 Cinema award work We have all of you choose 1 work from library cinema (thing 10 work with much attendance) for the past 3 years and show thing with many votes as grand prix. If the details including vote time are decided, we will tell.

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