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Event of the Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace

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About event to hold at the Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace

At the Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace, we carry out various events through the year.
Event contents hold mainly on thing about culture art and thing about traditional culture in Japan.
As a general rule, we announce event information in "public information kurume" and perform recruitment of participants.
In addition, public information by handbill setting to public institutions reaches, too.

Photograph which photographed the Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace from front entrance

Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace preservation society

The Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace has management reach every day by Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace preservation society formed in local volunteers.
We run blog in preservation society, but, during stop, send information on Facebook now.
With blog, you can see information until the end of June, 2015.
On Facebook, you can see information after July, 2015.

Star Festival Festival

●You write wish to strip of paper, and do you not display?●

Period From Saturday, July 1, 2017 to Sunday, August 6

[contents] Small bamboo installing in earthen floor and room of the Hanjiro Sakamoto birthplace can decorate strip of paper which we wrote wish.

 ●Strip of paper, paper string, pen prepares in meeting place.

 ●We accept bringing of handmade decoration and strip of paper.

[expense] Free of charge

Admission (100 yen lower than 200 yen, junior high student lower than high school student) is usually necessary,

One arrived for the purpose of displaying strip of paper becomes free by reporting at window.

Plan [list] of 2017

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