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Young man lecture "flap unit of wind" Spring Adventure 2018 [recruitment of participants]

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Logo mark of flap corps of wind  "Flap corps of wind" is Kurume-shi lifelong learning promotion young man lecture that members from 18 years old to 35 years old perform volunteer activity mainly on event for children based in eru peer Kurume hosted by section.
 Young men whom age and the workplace and school are different in are oneself, and plan carries out plan for children going three times a year.

Recruitment of "Spring Adventure 2018" participants

State of spring great adventure that we carried out in 2014  In "flap corps of wind," it recruits children participating in plan for third graders, "Spring Adventure 2018" from first grader living in Kurume-shi on Sunday, March 25, 2018.
 With new friend and older brother, older sister of flap corps of wind, do you not have an adventure very much in Kurume?

Offer summary

Application method

You write address, full name, furigana, sex, school, school year, phone number, full name of protector (house), application motive to postcard or application, and it is bringing, or please apply for reference by FAX, mail. It must arrive by 17:00 on Thursday, March 1, 2018, and postmark is effective on mail on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.
It is rainy weather decisive action attention 1. But we may change destination or dissolution time in rainy day.
In the case of a lot of applicants, it is lottery attention 2. In addition, we can apply to two people with one piece of postcard, but, in the case of lottery, become result same as two people.
Attention 3 is divided into plural groups on the day and acts, but, in the case of proposed together and brothers, sisters, the same elementary school, divides group if possible. (through this plan, this is because it wants children to make friends with child of different school. Thank you for your understanding.)

Application address

1830-6, Suwanomachi, Kurume-shi
Kurume-shi lifelong learning promotion section "Spring Adventure 2018" person in charge

Offer flyer, application

Recruitment of participants flyer. pdf PDF file(358 kilobytes) This link opens with the other window(black text)

Application. pdf PDF file(166 kilobytes) This link opens with the other window(black text)


To Kurume-shi lifelong learning promotion section "flap unit of wind" charge Nakano, Ikeda
〒The third floor of 830-0037 1830-6, Suwanomachi, Kurume-shi eru peer Kurume
Phone number 0942-30-7970 FAX: 0942-30-7971 

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