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About the furtherance about house

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Kurume-shi house reform furtherance business

 In Kurume-shi, we assist some expenses about house reform construction in existing house with the primary objective of planning "improvement of quality of house".

About offer of 2018

The first reception desk

Supporting target person

One that corresponds to all next

  1. One that performs resident registration in the city
  2. One to city tax without nonpayment
  3. One (in the case of rented house, we need consent of landlord) that lives in supporting target house
  4. House which has not caught grant of this subsidy (limited once about the same house)

Target construction

Construction to correspond to all next

  1. Construction that individual company having base constructs of company having office (thing having office functions such as the head office and branch is best.) in the city or sales which is main in the city
  2. Construction that construction cost (except consumption taxes) to affect energy saving repair or barrier-free repair is more than 100,000 yen in

Supporting amount of money

Sum equivalent to 50% of supporting target construction costs (as for the amount of upper limit 100,000 yen)

The offer number of houses

Around 50 (the first reception desk)

Application method

Please submit application documents to city Construction Department Housing Policy Division (the thirteenth floor of the city hall). (mail impossibility)

Downloading of dossier

Flows from application to subsidy receipt

FAQs (Q&A)

About gang exclusion

 As it is necessary to inquire of the police whether you have close relation to gang (in) or gang (in) by the Kurume-shi gang exclusion regulations, it is necessary to have you agree about inquiry to the police at the time of application.

About the furtherance about other houses

Inquiry about this page

 City Construction Department Housing Policy Division housing policy team
 Phone number 0942-30-9139 FAX number: 0942-30-9743 Inquiry by E-mail (form)

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