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Sewage disposal plant of Kurume-shi

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In Kurume-shi, there are three places of sewage disposal plants of "Tanushimaru Purification Center" processing sewage of Tanushimaru district "southern part Purification Center" processing local sewage of the southern part and the eastern part "center Purification Center" processing local drainage of central part mainly.

Facility summary (as of March 31, 2017) of Purification Center
Central Purification Center Southern Purification Center Tanushimaru Purification Center
Processing area 1,854 hectares 2,899 hectares 187 hectares
Processing population 101,770 people 134,373 people 5,906 people
Processing capacity (day maximum) 60,600 cubic meters 41,200 cubic meters 2,100 cubic meters
Facility area 96,400 square meters 121,000 square meters 13,900 square meters
Disposal method Standard activated sludge method Standard activated sludge method The okishideshonditchi method
Startup May, 1972 April, 1994 April, 2008

Central Purification Center

2241, Tsubukuhonmachi, Kurume-shi
Phone number 0942-39-1155

Central Purification Center map


Guidance of the south side open space use

Southern Purification Center

1900, Yasutakemachisumiyoshi, Kurume-shi
Phone number 0942-26-2111

Southern Purification Center map


Visit to facility

In southern Purification Center, we accept visit to facility.

Guidance of use of Higashibiro ground, Nishihiro ground

Tanushimaru Purification Center

1101-6, Tanushimarumachimasuoda, Kurume-shi
Phone number 0943-73-1190

Tanushimaru Purification Center map


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