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Kurume Eco partner

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What is kurume Eco partner?

Eco-guma to grieve in global warming It is system that started in 2009 to relax global warming.
City collaborates with all of citizen, offices and works on "eco-activity" and is intended to relax warming.
And, on October 1, 2015, we renewed use of energy efficiency to system to promote chiefly.
When citizen's all of you register with a choice of eco-activity that oneself works on, we get slightly advantageous present from city and cooperation shop (shop of office member).

We explain figure of kurume Eco partner image contents in the following

Point of renewal

Ecodrive magnet
It is ecodrive magnet of "we come" city image character

Citizen member

We confirm that we wrestle in important point item of Eco activity, and kurume Eco partner citizen sign-in flow figure registration procedure 1 receives membership benefit 3 that to choose more than one from choice item, and application 2 practices Eco activity and contributes to global warming relaxation in shop participating in kurume Eco partner

Citizen member is ...

Original eco-bag photograph  Use of eco-bag example

Member's card image
New member's card is this

Participation qualification is the next person coming under all three.

Eco-activity item

≪Please wrestle in important point item >> items as much as possible

[we work on activity to raise use of energy efficiency]

[we work on energy saving, re-energy utilization]

≪You choose more than choice item >> one, and please wrestle

  1. Air conditioner coordinates 28 degrees, heating using 20 degrees as an indication
  2. We kill lightener diligently
  3. When we do not watch TV, we put out
  4. My hashi utilizes my bag, furoshiki
  5. Paper more than business card size recycles
  6. We carry out discharging of garbage thoroughly
  7. We take good care of nature and creature
  8. Other eco-activities (we can set by each person freely)

Office member

Office member works on eco-activity by oneself, and possible member provides privilege to member of citizen practicing eco-activity and supports approach.
For more details, please see list of office members.

Example of privilege contents



We perform common knowledge of system with issuance of member's card or city homepage brochure, introduction of office member, making of privilege map.


About sign-in, please see method of subscribing.

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