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Emergency pediatric service medical treatment

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Pediatric night emergency medical treatment

In Kurume joint administration bloc office work association, we establish "Kurume wide area emergency pediatric service center" by cooperation of local pediatrician and cooperation of medical institution and carry out night pediatric early days first aid medical examination.
Specifically, please see homepageThis link opens with the other window of Kurume joint administration bloc office work association.

Pediatric night emergency medical treatment
Consultation day
Every day (365 days)
The consultation hours
From 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (in the reception desk until 10:30 p.m.)
Establishment place
Saint Maria Hospital community medicine support ridge (19 stories) the first floor
The pediatrics

Map of emergency pediatric service center

Guidance of emergency pediatric service telephone consultation

When we hesitated in the case of night sudden disease or injury in Fukuoka holiday of child whether we should have a medical examination, we establish nurse or "telephone consultation counter" which pediatrician advises as needed.

Consultation time:
  Until weekdays 19:00 - next morning 7:00
  Until Saturday 12:00 - next morning 7:00
  Until day celebration 7:00 - next morning 7:00
  From August 13 to August 15 year-end and New Year with day celebration on Sundays and holidays and holiday (from December 29 to January 3)

Consultation contents: Thing about emergency care (including disease, injury, medicine, emergency measure) of infant.

Fukuoka emergency pediatric service guidebook

It is guidebook understanding coping methods at home according to symptom.
At first we confirm, and let's have a medical examination.

fukuoka medical care information net "manual accident-response sudden illness of child"This link opens with the other window
Have access from "medical consultation of child"; "is indispensable! Please see than child first aid.

Please cooperate with appropriate consultation of medical institution.

Outpatient of first aid is crowded by emergency care consultation of mild patient increasing in holiday and the night and may affect treatment of high seriously ill patient of emergency.
Because necessary person feels relieved, and medical care is received, about appropriate consultation of medical institution, I would like understanding of all of you and cooperation.

Let's have family medicine

Family medicine is daily treatment and health care of illness, medical local doctor having you guide.
He/she understands whether you drink appearing disease and disease that you suffered from so far, what medicine and makes the decision to be appropriate for sudden disease and treats now.
We go to family medicine that always grasps state of child to deal with disease appropriately, and consultation will have a medical examination early.

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