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When we get national pension system

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Old-age pension

We take out national pension system, and person (including premium exemption period) who paid premium more than ten years can receive old-age pension when we became 65 years old.
In addition, we can receive pension before consisting of hope to 65 years old, but pension is reduced. In addition, we delay receipt start age and can receive increased pension.

Window of request

As for the person who took out only national pension system (first insured person), medical care, pension section, general branch office citizen welfare section become contact.
As for the person with period of cover support spouse (third insured person) of person and welfare annuity and cooperative association member with period when we joined welfare annuity and mutual pension, Kurume pension office becomes window.
Documents necessary for procedure, please identify homepageThis link opens with the other window of pension mechanism in Japan.

The amount of pension

Amount of money of old-age pension is calculated by the number of the premium payment finished moon, the number of the premium exemption moon.

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