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Information of protection dog/cat

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When we protect hesitation dog/cat, we place information here.

(we are careful and do not still recruit foster parents because this is publication page of dog/cat waiting for meeting of owner. One where acquisition by purchase is hoped for is * kudasasai in page of "transfer of dog/cat".

Information of protection dog/cat

Dog/cat protecting does not crawl now.

Return of dog protecting costs fee

When we return dog protecting to owner, it costs business formalities and miscellaneous expenses.

In addition, pet dog registration fee is necessary in addition to the fee mentioned above when we are not doing registration based on rabies prophylaxis.

Inquiry, return place

Kurume-shi animal control center (569-9, Higashikushiharamachi, Kurume-shi) [map] (jpg form) (154 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window
Phone number 0942-30-1500
FAX number: 0942-30-1788

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 Kurume-shi animal control center
 Address: 569-9, Higashikushiharamachi, Kurume-shi
 Phone number 0942-30-1500 FAX number: 0942-30-1788 Inquiry by E-mail (form)

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