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About kenshinno reservation system group in 2018

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[attention] When entrance to "group kenshin Internet reservation" clicks the following buttons, we are displayed.

To "group kenshin Internet reservation" entrance

Group kenshin for reservation

Reservation method

  1. We make a reservation for kurumekenshin dial
    • Reservation is "kurumekenshin dial" (phone number 0120-900-072).
    • Reception hours is from 9:00 to 17:00 of Monday through Friday. But it is excluded on holiday.
    • (request) When line is crowded, and call is not connected, please call back after standing for a while. Particularly, I would like cooperation as telephone is crowded over 10:00 from 9:00 to have you take off this time as much as possible and call.
  2. We make a reservation for the Internet
    • We make a reservation and, from 2018, accept even the Internet in addition to reservation acceptance with "kurumekenshin dial". Reservation receptionist from smartphone is possible, too.
    • During reservation reception desk period, we can make a reservation for 24 hours. But we do with 9:00 at reception desk start time on the reservation starting date and do with 17:00 in cut-off time on the last day of the reservation.
      • (example) in the case of reservation period "June 22 from June 1"
        [the reservation starting date] Possible reservation reception desk from 9:00 a day (before 9:00, impossible of reservation)
        [the last day of the reservation] We make a reservation and accept at 17:00 on 22nd and are finished (after 17:00, impossible of reservation)
        [during reservation period] From 9:00 a day, reservation receptionist is possible for 24 hours during until 17:00 for 22 days
    • There is entrance button to "group kenshin Internet reservation" screen in the lower berth.
  3. We make a reservation for FAX
    • When reservation on telephone or the Internet is difficult, reservation with FAX is possible, too. After filling out matter necessary for following reservation list, please fax to Kurume-shi public health center Health Promotion Section (FAX number 0942-30-9833). FAX reservation vote Excel file(38 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window

Reservation reception desk period

Inquiry that group kenshinni relates to

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