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About woman in childbed medical checkup

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Child care that receives woman in childbed medical checkup, and is healthy

 Woman in childbed medical checkup is medical checkup performed for both mother and children to see mental and physical healthy condition of mother and breeding condition of child. Mother after delivery is in condition that "after giving birth depression" becoming unstable is easy to develop by uneasiness and strong pressure on child care mentally.
 We notice mental and physical disorder of mother of after giving birth early by receiving woman in childbed medical checkup and can cope early. In addition, as we can promote the healthy development of child, we receive medical examination regularly, and let's begin child care together while following instruction such as doctors.
 In addition, even other than medical examination day including abdominal pain and sleeplessness when felt, "is strange", let's have a medical examination immediately.

About the furtherance of woman in childbed medical checkup

We hand auxiliary ticket for two times to support woman in childbed medical checkup when we hand mother and child health handbook in Kurume-shi. (it applies to person delivered after October 1, 2017.)
Woman in childbed medical checkup is performed about drink condition of interview, medical examination of mother, the weight measurement, the physical measurement of blood pressure measurement, urinalysis, mental health check and child, mother's milk and milk, the situation of sleep excretion.


About service that is available in after giving birth

Service that you can use in after giving birth includes thing as follows.

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