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Development support project

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Contents of development support project

Development support system of Institute for preschool education

We express flow before receiving nursing, training after accepting call of consultation.

Visit to an office type development support

 Visit to an office type development support adds individual support policy review meeting to system until last year and performs class of nursing to characteristic and type and various training.

Specialized consultation
 Specialized consultation performs examination of development by psychology person. Depending on characteristic provided by inspection from doctor, directionality of effective support is shown afterwards.
Nursing class
 Nursing class devises support such as environment, activity contents, calling according to directionality of support provided by specialized consultation, and they perform nursing.
Various training
 According to directionality of support provided by specialized consultation, we perform language training, movement training, action training individually

Home delivery of cooked foods type development support

Visit nursing
 Parent and child to press for the development of sensory function while planning stability of atmosphere of infants play and use facilities in the city by consulted visit nursing from protector.
Patrol consultation
 Based on nursery school, kindergarten in the city, request of child institution, visit, circulation turns garden, and member of consultation specialty performs advice to support the support system of garden.

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