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About the space situation of nursery school, authorized child institution (childcare part)

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About the space situation of 2017

  • This information tells about the space situation such as nursery schools; entrance such as nursery schools of applying is intended to have refer to. We update twice (on about 3rd about 13th) every month. In addition, please note even if there is space as it is not thing guaranteeing entrance.
  • Final day of entrance adjustment on the way is changed in the year from 2017. As for the entrance, as for the entrance, 5th is entrance final day in this month on the end of the month from 16th on last month 15 on 15th from 1st (in the case of Sundays and holidays, front of it day is entrance final day on Saturday entrance final day).
  • After it was observed garden by the next adjustment deadline when change and addition of garden desired are done, please contact child support section (0942-30-9025) or each general branch office citizen welfare section (Tanushimaru: 0943-72-2112, Kitano: 0942-78-3552, Jojima: 0942-62-2112, Mizuma: 0942-64-2312).
  • Age is age as of April 1, 2017. For example, "1 year old child" is person born on April 1, 2016 from April 2, 2015.
  • Garden without mention of target age is from nine weeks (two months after birth) in after giving birth. We may be changed by the situation.
  • List of facilities such as open time, extended childcare open time of each garden and use capacity, please confirm page of "lists of of nursery school, authorization child institution".
  • About the number of use capacity of each garden in 2017 and the entrance children of the beginning of the month, please confirm page about "the entrance situation of nursery school, authorized child institution" (childcare part).
  • When it follows in one becoming entrance reservation by the end of 2017 after April, 2018 and hopes for entrance, application in the new year is necessary with required documents together again. Receptionist begins on November 1, 2017. Of "the use such as nursery schools" (from new year April 1 by April 15 entrance one desired) please confirm page.


List of 2017 space situation

List of 2017 entrance space situation (at October 11, 2017) PDF file(143 kilobytes)This link opens with the other window

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