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About missile fall correspondence

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In Kurume-shi, in the case of emergency of emergency, we set up task force based on "Kurume-shi nation protection planThis link opens with the other window" immediately and perform quick coping with the Self-Defense Forces and firefighting, related organizations including the prefectural police. As we tell about coping method in case of emergency, I would like the preparation for urgent information from day to become available and calm correspondence.

About collection of information

Missile is fired, and when we judge country to have an influence on Kurume-shi, communication by "J alert" is performed in several seconds by country, and emergency breaking news email, area email are delivered to cell-phones to citizen's by any chance. But, with some cell-phones, we may not receive warning. In that case, please download application beforehand as you can receive even disaster prevention information application such as smartphone application.

Urgent breaking news is delivered in TV, radio and will tell citizen's all of you about necessary information using various means in Kurume-shi.

Correspondence when warning by J alert was announced

It is necessary to protect the body from bomb blast and heat by any chance when missile drops.

Coping method the outdoors

Coping method indoor

Cabinet Secretariat nation protection portal site

Cabinet Secretariat nation protection portal siteThis link opens with the other window

Information about nation protection

The source (the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency)

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