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About Kurume-shi formula Web site (usage of site)

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Because we are not at a loss

We publish point to arrive at objective page without being at a loss in Kurume-shi homepage site.

  1. About search by keyword
    We input keyword that we want to search into entry field in the upper part right of each page and only click "search button", and search in site is possible.
    Concrete search method is to the upper part right of each page "? Please click search method.
  2. About menubar
    We set up menubar that can jump in each category at each top of the page.
    In this way, we can jump from anywhere to page of table of contents of each category.
  3. About breadcrumbs
    On the one of menubar of bottom and the lower part of menubar upper on page "the top > ○○○ > We install breadcrumbs such as ○○○".
    Breadcrumbs easily wrote what hierarchy of what kind of category page reading is located at, and link to hierarchy in in one or two.
    Children's story is "Hansel and Gretel" and comes from episode that put bread crumb in way so that main character is not lost in forest, and is used for the purpose of leaving history (footprint).
    It prevents you from losing sight of position now by showing choice every hierarchy that we traced in site and is intended to save navigation.
  4. Others
    We write "site map" in the upper part of page. It is easy to see site constitution in hierarchy structure and transcribes in "site map".
    In addition, one-click, "Kurume-shi" of top of the page can jump in top page of site.

To change size of letter?

WEB browser includes function that can change size of letter to display. When it is felt that size of letter of this site is hard to read, please change size in the following procedures.

To display foreign language?

Of each top of the page Translation icon We translate the page into English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean when we click this.
As for this translation, content may not be necessarily correct to make translation (performed using program mechanically) using private automatic translation service. Even if some kind of damage was taken, by this, in provider of interpreter service and Kurume-shi, users do not take responsibility at all.

About sound reading

Except some pages, we make in consideration of the use of sound reading browser to have having person use visual impairment.

About color, link icon

We make in consideration of color to have person with color blindness use without problem. In addition, we make mark on point with link except some pages and devise to be plain.

About setting of recommended browser and browser

Recommended browser
Microsoft Corporation: Internet Explorer after eight /Windows after seven
We keep in mind to use even browser of old version, but website in consideration of safety and accessibility may not be available by browsers old partly on running. I would like the use such as browsers of version as new as possible.
In addition, about Internet Explorer, we can download from the following URLs free.

About latest information dispatch by RSS

In Kurume-shi official homepage, we send latest information by RSS.
Usage is easy. At first please prepare for RSS leader or browser for RSS. A large number of RSS readers available gratis are released.
We read the following URL to RSS leader. Only in this, we become able to use immediately.

Inquiry about this page

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 Phone number 0942-30-9119 FAX number: 0942-30-9702 Inquiry by E-mail (form)

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