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About site (site policy)

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Concept of homepage

Purpose of Kurume-shi official homepage

Electronic town hall
"Electronic application" and "facility reservation that application procedure is enabled even if we do not go to visit government office," "e-bidding" provide services such as "electronic report, tax payment"
City identity
Raising the significance of being of the city by sending by plain messages such as image or design that characteristic and originality of city were unified, and sharing with society

Basic policy

  1. Realization of electronic town hall
    We enable services such as "electronic report, tax payment", and "electronic application" and "facility reservation" that application procedure is enabled even if we receive and do not go to visit government office as well as dispatch of information act as "e-bidding" for citizen's convenience improvement and plan efficiency of administrative affairs in total.
  2. Utilization to town development
    We utilize homepage as tool of information tray dispatch of city positively and promote the utilization as tool of town development.
    Particularly, we utilize interactivity function to have of homepage enough on pushing forward "citizen and administrative collaboration" to lay as basic viewpoint of Motoichi basic plan.
  3. Attractive dispatch of Kurume-shi
    We emphasize city charm of Kurume-shi positively on working on the making of core city open to Kyushu, Asia inside and out.
  4. User-oriented approach
    As well as easiness of search for of information, we act as general usability including structure and how to use being easy of plain homepage for thought, improvement of usability.
    In addition, investigation considers enough and, about security almost big mind of user, acts as personal data leak, viral infection, risk in various security including manipulation of homepage to minimize exteriorization of risk. In addition, when personal information and personal information are included in information collected on information, homepage sent to on homepage, we observe "Kurume-shi ordinance of privacy protection" and act for protection of personal information and warn copyright of information to place in homepage and right of likeness enough.

About Web accessibility

We make to be able to use without trouble comfortably, and, in Kurume-shi, anyone applies information and service to offer on Kurume-shi homepage.

Web accessibility
Thing that all people using Web sites access information and function provided on homepages regardless of mental and physical condition and environment to use without trouble, and is available
It is 2016 Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3
Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) about Web accessibility revised on April 7, 2016. Official name JIS X 8341-3 2016 "apparatuses, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and: Web contents service - Part 3 as for elderly person, the person with a disability:"

About link, copyright

Link policy

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Copyright Policy

As a general rule, rights about file, designs such as document or image publishing in Kurume-shi homepage and the content belong to Kurume-shi. (original work author may own copyright of some images.)
As a general rule, we prohibit conversion, reproduction of file, designs such as document or image of Kurume-shi homepage and the content without permission.
But the handling is given priority to when there is special fate on each page in Kurume-shi homepage.

About trademark and registered trademark

About company name, trademark listed in Kurume-shi homepage

Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word are registered trademarks in the United States of American Microsoft Corporation and other countries.
Official name of Windows is Microsoft Windows Operating System.
Adobe Reader is registered trademark of Adobe company.
QR code is registered trademark of DENSO Corporation wave.
Company name, product name of other mentions are trademark of each company or registered trademarks.


About method of management administration

We make applicable contents, and post in charge of each duty manages. We realize offer and service of high quality information by not only post in charge of duties sending information, but also coping about inquiries directly and run smooth site.

Inquiry about this page

 General affairs department Information Policy Division
 Phone number 0942-30-9060 FAX number: 0942-30-9708 Inquiry by E-mail (form)

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