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About stricken area support of the Great East Japan Earthquake

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 We pray for the repose of soul of one passed away by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tell all of you suffered from about visit heartily. Damage caused by this earthquake disaster is right tough, and strenuous rescue operation is continued, but stricken area is in the extremely severe situation.
 Turn to early revival in return to life reliable safely of all of you suffered from and moment of stricken area and, as Kurume-shi, wrestle with citizen's for support to stricken area over discretion both sides, maintenance of acceptance preparations of victim with every effort.

Mayor of Kurume Toshinori Narahara

About stricken area support of Kurume-shi (occasional update)

Request (occasional update) of cooperation to citizen's all of you

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About support to where suffered and was evacuated to in Kurume-shi (occasional update)

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